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Kenosha County

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To learn more about Painting services in Kenosha County, call us at 224-241-9835 or request a quote by clicking below:


Welcome to Allegiant Painting, your go-to destination for all your painting needs. Our site is dedicated to providing high-quality paint and services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking to give your home a fresh new look or need a professional painting job for your business, we've got you covered.


Allegiant Painting is based in McHenry County but we will take on residential and commercial painting projects throughout the McHenry County area; including:


At Allegiant Painting we provide a detailed estimate for every project based on the scope of work. Our attention to detail and expertise in the industry allows us to provide the client with the most accurate estimate. Square footage prices are only used in new construction homes.

Our estimating process allows the customer to see a detailed description and cost break down of each aspect of their project.

Our clients trust us, sometimes that means giving the bad news based on weather. Our Leadership Team is watching the weather daily and communicating with our clients on rescheduling. Making sure the temperatures, humidity levels, and precipitation are proper for the product, and the application is imperative to us for the longevity of your project.

Ask our leadership team about small tasks you can complete yearly to help preserve your property. Some basic tasks can eliminate damage and high-cost repairs down the road.

Communication is everything! Our Leadership Team will reach out to you before your project starts with our home preparation guide