Brighten Any Room in Your Home With These Paint Colors

Sometimes, the only upgrade you need is a fresh coat of paint. If you recently moved into a new home where the previous owner’s style doesn’t quite match yours, you would be surprised to know how a new paint job can enhance your space. If you are looking for the perfect touch to your home decor, look to the painting experts at Allegiant Painting. 

Painting your home can be more time-consuming and complex than you think. If you want the job done right, contact us today. In the meantime, here are some paint colors to consider to bring life into your home. 

Light Gray 

If you are a fan of a neutral color palette that allows you to build and decorate around, light gray is the color for you. Light gray is not as dull as a simple white. However, it is perfect for those who like to change their decor often. This color brightens the room while taking the edge off an all-white space. Both bright and dark colors will contrast well with a light gray making this color a minimalist’s best friend. 

Sage Green

Pastels such as sage green always add a unique touch to a room. This type of muted tone is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere that does not take away from the accents in the room. Sage green is a great choice for those looking for ways to brighten a room or make it feel larger. Sage green can also be used as an accent color to make a room feel more inviting. 

Soft Yellow

Although yellow is a bold choice for some, a soft yellow can quickly bring in some well-needed light to a room. This color is perfect for those who are a bit more experimental with color. Soft yellow can be the perfect color for a guest room or a powder room for those who prefer to test the waters first. This color can bring some sunshine into an otherwise dark room. 


Though orange may seem daunting, all you need is to find the perfect shade for your style. Most people may think of Halloween pumpkin orange when they consider orange walls. However, there are several shades of orange that won’t make it look like the holiday threw up on your walls. Whether you prefer a bolder color palette or a more rustic, burnt shade, the choices are endless. Finding the right shade of orange can add brightness to any dark-feeling room. 

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